What about a million dollars in algorithmic Stable Cents?


*该 Stable Cent token will be available for purchase in Q3 2019. At this stage, you can purchase a Debit Coin (DBC) token, which is a voucher token that can be converted into Stable Cent. 量 Stable Cents received per DBC token (the conversion ratio) depends on the strength (demands) of Stable Sent, but it is capped at no more than 500 Stable Cents per 1 DBC. Moreover, DBC and Stable Cent holders receive profit (seigniorage) in the form of additional Stable Cents from purchases of other participants daily.

什麼是 Stable Cent?

Seigniorage style Stable Cents are an algorithmically governed approach to expanding and contracting a stablecoin’s money supply. You can always redeem 1 Stable Cent for 1 U.S. cent (0.01 U.S. Dollars).

By allowing participants to buy and sell Stable Cents, smart contract acts as a market maker. To buy Stable Cent tokens, participants send funds to Smart Contract, where they are kept as a variable reserve. The primary purpose of Stable Cent reserve is to ensure participants ability to sell Stable Cents; the contract will always offer to buy Stable Cents, drawing on funds from the reserve.

Every day, as soon as new 參與者 買 Stable Cents, the smart contract mints new Cents and distributes them among existing DBC and Stable Cents holders on a pro rata basis depending on market demand.

Stable value

For holders 1 Stable Cent can always be redeemed for U.S. $0.01, giving it a stable price.

Pegged to U.S. cent

Stable Cent is pegged to U.S. cent and the amount of currency in circulation is set by a smart-contract in accordance with market demand.

Powered by Stellar

Stable Cent 是 恆星 token, so you can store it in any Stellar-compatible wallets or exchanges.

Global micro-payments

Stable Cent is designed for micropayments and can satisfy the primary functions of money, as a store of value, a medium of exchange, and a unit of account.

如何獲得 Stable Cent

1. Sign in to your Stellar account or create a new one with any cryptocurrency exchange or wallet you trust

2. Convert your assets into Stable Cents at a conversion ratio of 0.01 U.S. Dollars for 1 Stable Cent

3. Get daily additional Stable Cents from other member’s purchases

Where you can trade Stable Cent

Ready to get

your seigniorage?

Powered by COINGER®

Stable Cent 是 恆星 based open source project, designed and managed by COINGER community.

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