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It is very easy to become a CENTUS holder and receive a seigniorage!

Please follow the steps below to begin.

1. Create a secured Stellar account (Stellar wallet). We recommend using Interstellar.Exchange or Lobstr Wallet.

2. To activate your wallet just top up your account with 2–3 XLM (0.2–0.3 USD). These funds also will be used to pay Stellar blockchain transaction fees.

3. To receive or send CENTUS and be credited with seigniorage (dividens) twice a week, please open a trustline for CENTUS asset.
How to open a Stellar account and add a Trustline for CENTUS in InterStellar wallet you can see here on the example of the Stellar-asset Debit Coin (DBC).

4. To buy CENTUS, fund your account with XLM cryptocurrency. The recommended amount is 50 USD that is sufficient to buy ≈ 5000 CENTUS. Seigniorage accrued on this sum will be 10% minimum more than the regular seigniorage amount.

5. Buy CENTUS on one of Stellar DEX:


Also, you can buy CENTUS with main Crypto, such as BTC, BTC Cash, ETH, Litecoin and USD Coin.

Buy CENTUS and get 20% BONUS upon the purchase

The purchased CENTUS will become available within 5 second after you have made your purchase. Then just hold it in your wallet and receive seigniorage at a rate of 2 or more per cent every Tuesday and Friday.*

Additionally, your account will be credited with inflation-ajustment at a rate of 3.6-4% per annum monthly. The exact amount depends on U. S. Mint monthly 1-cent coin production. Read more here.

6. At any moment when you want your money back you can sell your CENTUS in whole or in part together with all accrued seigniorage at the exchange rate of 100 CENTUS ≈ 1 USD and withdraw it to your bank account, credit card or eWallet.

You don’t have to pay any additional fees. CENTUS is a non-profit project, so all dividends of its activities are distributed among its participants.

It is important to note that despite of the non-profit nature of the project, early-stage sponsors and other stakeholders are compensated for higher risk they assumed. To balance the interests, the compensation depends on Debit Coin (DBC) market cap. More information on DBC here.

7. Should you have further questions or need assistance, you can always get in touch with our community in our Telegram group.

8. You can look up for more detailed information in the What is CENTUS. Try to start with a small amount of money to go through the entire process from account creating to seigniorage (dividends) receiving and understand how it works. Through your own experience, you will ascertain that it is quite simply, and you can leave the project at any time just selling your CENTUS together with interest on an exchange.

We Wish You Every Success!!! 🙂

*Within the test period until the end of the third quarter of 2019.

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